Mrs. Mendoza's Distance Learning Syllabus


    Assignments and Grades

    Assignments will be posted and submitted on Google Classroom. Additionally, ELA assignments will be accessed and submitted from McGraw Hill ConnectED on Classlink. As well as, Math assignments will be accessed and submitted from SAVVAS Easy Bridge on Classlink. Some assignments will also be accessed and completed on Seesaw (this is a Classlink app). Specific access points, directions, and due dates will be included in assignment descriptions.

    Assessments will be online and at the end of a topic. 

    Students must complete 100 minutes a week for Physical Education. 

    All grades/feedback will be posted on Google Classroom. 


    Performance Level Marks


    4 Excelling - Students at the Excelling level of performance are consistently performing at grade level, can demonstrate independence, and can extend the grade level standards, when applicable expected at this point of the school year.  

    3 Achieving - Students at the Achieving level of performance demonstrate an adequate understanding of and ability to apply skills needed to meet grade level standards at this point of the school year.

    2 Progressing - Students at the Progressing level of performance are partially meeting the grade level standards expected at this point of the school year. 

    1 Beginning/Standard Not Met - Students at the Beginning/Standard Not Met level are not yet meeting grade level standards expected at this point of the school year. 

    X Not Applicable - This standard or group of standards was not assessed during this time period.


     Google Meet Norms

    1. Before joining, make sure you have a designated quiet space for learning and completing both digital and written work.

    2. Join google meets at the designated time
    3.  Mute your microphone once the meeting begins with all members

    4.  All students need to have their cameras on
    5.  Listen to your teacher’s directions
    6. Use the chat box only to respond to questions or ask questions
    7. Only turn on your microphone upon teacher request to speak
    8. The teacher will ask each student to log out at the end of each Google Meet
    9. The teacher ends all sessions as the last member


    When will Google Meet sessions be held?


    Live sessions will be held daily, Monday - Friday.  Daily attendance is crucial to the students success.  Missing a live teaching session is the same as missing a day of school.  If students are unable to attend a live teaching session, they will need to email the teacher prior to the session.  Students can schedule a 15 minute session with the teacher during office hours the next day to review information that was missed, however, this will NOT be an opportunity to re-teach the entire lesson. I will also be meeting with students in small groups throughout the week to provide additional support.  For those that need to attend small group sessions, (I will notify you in advance.)