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                               Welcome to Mrs. Reyes' Kindergarten Classroom!


     Kindergarten 101 

    K Hours: 7:50-11:10 Monday – Friday. Our gate will be locked during school hours. Parents will only be allowed on campus if they sign-in through the office. At dismissal, students must wait behind the gate and will be excused after they tell me “good-bye” and I verify who they are leaving with. If you choose to use our K drive circle, stay in your vehicle - I will walk your child to you. If your child does not know how to put on their seatbelt, please park on the street and walk up.

    What to BringAll students will need a book bag or backpack (no wheels) and snack (see below) every day. Each student will also need a headset (to use with their Chrome Book in class). All other supplies are provided at school.

    Snacks: Students will need to bring a nutritious snack every day. Unfortunately, we have bees/ants that tend to attack students who bring sugary, sticky snacks, so try to avoid those. Please do not send items that your child cannot open and/or manage on their own (ex: lunchable pizzas, gogurts, fruit cups, etc.). No thermoses – unless your child has mastered the art of opening and closing them. 

    Assessment AppointmentsStudents will be given a weekly assessment time to meet with their teacher online. Our Google Meet link can be found at the top of our Google Classroom (found in ClassLink). 

    Homework: Homework will be assigned online through ClassLink using Savvas Easybridge (for Math) and McGraw-Hill ConnectEd (for ELA). Please be sure to click the “submit button” after completing each assignment. We will also be sending home some homework/projects throughout the year. 

    Apple of the Week: Each student will be chosen to be “Apple of the Week”. You will need to decorate a poster featuring your child (pictures of family/friends/pets/etc.). I will inform you at least one week before your child’s selected week and give you more information. 

    Spirit Day: Every Friday is "Spirit Day" at BRE. You can purchase a Butterfield tshirt in our office and/or wear our school colors - orange and blue.

    Birthdays: On your child's birthday we will celebrate by singing a special birthday song (your child will help create the song and bring home the words). BRE school policy no longer allows for ANY items to be brought to school to pass out for birthdays. 

    Classroom Rules: Our rules are very important for maintaining a safe and productive learning environment. Students are given a warning for the first offense, pull their pin for the second offense, and take home a note for the third offense. PLEASE CHECK BACKPACK DAILY FOR ANY IMPORTANT NOTES.  Our BRE “S.T.A.R.” rules: 

    1.   Safety first 

    2.  Take responsibility 

    3.  A+ attitude 

    4.  Respect yourself and others 

    Teacher Expectations: 

    1. Students should be able to write their first name (first letter capitalized, the rest lowercase). 

    2. Students should be able to use a pair of scissors. 

    3. Students should be able to sit for short periods of time without interrupting their neighbors. 

    4. I expect all students to do as much of their own writing as possible. 


    Contact Information


    I am committed to responding to all student and parent emails within 24 hours on weekdays.

Last Modified on November 10, 2022