• Syllabus

      Login to your child's CVUSD account to access ClassLink. From here, they will have access to Connect Ed Wonders Language Arts, Savvas EasyBridge Math and Starfall.

      * Kindergarten students will attend school from 7:50AM - 11:10AM Monday through Friday.
      * Attendance will be taken within the first 5 minutes of class.
      * Your child will be required to attend and complete classwork daily.
      * If possible, please let me know in advance if your child is unable to attend.

      Assignments/Homework/Submitting Student Work
      * Assignments will be completed during class daily.
      * We will grade some assignments together in class.
      * Homework will go home on Friday and needs to be returned by the following Friday. Online Homework assignments will be submitted through ClassLink, using Savvas (for MATH homework) and McGraw-Hill (for ELA homework). Please be sure to click the "submit button" after completing each assignment. 

      * Assignments in McGraw-Hill and Savvas Math may have instantaneous feedback. 
      * Most classwork will have instant feedback and sent home daily.
      * If there is an area of concern, I will reach out to discuss the concern with the child's parent.

      * Students will be assessed weekly on different foundational skills and kindergarten standards.
      * Assessments will be assigned at the end of units/topics.
      * Assessments will be assigned both online and in class.

      Grades will be based on a combination of assessment scores, classwork and homework. Students will receive a 4, 3, 2, or 1 on their report cards.
      4 - Excelling: The student demonstrates independence and extends grade level standards.
      3 - Achieving: The student demonstrates adequate understanding of and ability to apply skills to meet grade level standards.
      2 - Progressing: The student partially meets grade level standards.
      1 - Beginning: The student is not yet meeting grade level standards.

      Suggested Academic Activities:

      -Practice counting to 100 by ones, fives and tens
      -Identify numbers 0-20 and tens to one hundred
      -Count out 20 objects

      ELA: Reading/Writing/Listening & Speaking
      -Read books every day. Grade level books can be found in McGraw-Hill
      -Sing the alphabet song and identify the letters and letter sounds
      -Practice writing your name correctly (first letter uppercase, the rest lowercase)
      -Listen to a story (books through McGraw-Hill, videos, someone reading a book to you, etc.)
      -Speaking ideas: Discuss stories (characters, setting, plot), talk about daily activities, sing songs, recite verses and poetry

      -Discuss today's day, month and season

      -Observe and discuss today's weather

      P.E./MUSIC/ART extras
      -Get moving every day: walk, run, jump, dance, skip, hop, throw and catch. Check out kid exercise videos @GoNoodle
      -Listen, sing and dance along to your favorite songs
      -Draw, color and/or paint pictures


Last Modified on August 24, 2023