• It is very important that you monitor your grades on a regular basis. I input all grades into the Aeries system and you and your parents should be accessing this information regularly to track your progress. Please note I do my best to input scores within a few days after the due dates however, some assignments take longer to grade such as essays and projects. Aeries indicates when grading of an assignment is complete and marks any missing work with a special color code. In the case of an input error it is the responsibility of the student to notify me and bring in the assignment, so I may make the appropriate correction online.

    If you haven't already done so please visit the office to pick up the necessary student identification code to create an online account to monitor progress. Once an Aeries account has been created you should download a free App called GRADES. Use the same login information you used to create your account in Aeries to access current grades on your mobile phone. It is a quick and easy way to monitor every class and assignment in just a few seconds. 

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