• Distance Learning Syllabus


    All second, third and fourth grade students should join my Google classroom.  We will do this together on the first day of music class.  For the first 3 weeks, I will join the meet of the homeroom teacher, and guide students over to my classroom and Google Meet.  From the fourth week on, students will be expected to log -on to my music Google Meet themselves at the appropriate scheduled day/time.   When they join, their microphones should be on mute and their cameras should be ON. Students cameras should remain on at ALL TIMES.  Students are expected to fully participate in music through synchronous learning, and asynchronous assignments.  Students are expected to complete asynchronous assignments prior to the next week’s scheduled music class unless a different specified date is given.   


    Weekly Google Meets

    Our music class will meet live via Google Meet at a scheduled time each week for 30 minutes.  For the first 3 weeks, I will join the classroom teacher’s Zoom or Google Meet and then guide students to my own.  Unless there is a holiday or special event, we will meet for music at the same time every week.  Classroom teachers will remind students what time our music Google Meet will occur on the given day.  Students are required to attend.  If a student is late or absent, they must notify their classroom teacher and myself.  Students should be attentive and ready to learn with their music notebook and pencil near them.


    All assignments will be discussed and assigned during synchronous learning time.  They should be completed and submitted through my Google Classroom by their given due date.   



    All assessments will be based on the California State Standards for Music.  Informal quizzes and formal tests will be administered periodically to analyze student progress towards mastery of these standards.  Assessments will be administered in real time during synchronous learning.  It is very important that assessments are completed by the individual student without any sibling or parental support.  This ensures that student progress is measured precisely and accurately.



    In addition to positive verbal feedback during our online music Google Meet, I will be using Google Classroom to evaluate and comment upon student’s individual work.  You will be able to find these in the comments section of Google Classroom.  Look for the comment icon. 


     Office Hours

    I am available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:00 – 2:00 for virtual office hours.  Please email to schedule an exact meeting time.