• Student Entrances/Exits to Campus

    #1 – Entrance/Exit for students in grades 1st - 6th           Supervision begins at 7:40

    • Students shall not arrive before 7:40
    • All students must be behind the yellow gate. Students must follow the behavior expectations (i.e., being always safe by walking)

    #2 – Entrance/Exit for all Kindergarten and Preschool Prep Students

    • Teachers will open the gate before and after school.
    • Parent/Guardian must pick their student up.
    • Parent/Guardian must wait on the sidewalk not the stairs.
    • Parent/Guardian must not leave car unattended in the drive through lane.

    #3 – Entrance/Exit for students in grades 1st – 6th

    • Students must walk directly off campus.
    • Gate will be opened before and after school.
    • There is no school supervision down the hill in the residential community.