• Dear First Grade Parents,                                                               

    Welcome to First Grade. We are looking forward to an exciting year! We ask that you please keep a few things in mind for the next school year.

    Please do not send your child to school with a rolling backpack. Your child will not be carrying heavy books back and forth to school, so a backpack that can be carried on his or her back should be perfect.

    First graders should be able to tie their own shoes. We have 20 students and that means 80 shoes. Please practice tying shoes over the summer. Velcro shoes are a great alternative.

    First recess (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) your child may eat a small healthy snack he or she has brought from home. Healthy snack choices could include fruit, yogurt, granola bars, or cheese and crackers. Items such as cookies, candy, and pudding are not in the snack guidelines. Since recess is 13 minutes in length, a small snack is best.

    Since children often have the same backpack or lunch box as another child, please write your child’s name on all items. This would include sweaters, jackets, lunch boxes, water bottles, and any other items your child needs to bring back home.

    Parents, we know you are excited to purchase school supplies for your child. If so, we believe these items would be perfect in your first grade student’s desk:  #2 yellow pencil(s), eraser, glue stick(s), a highlighter, a black/thin tip whiteboard marker and headphones for laptops. Additional items may be suggested by your child’s teacher at the start of the year.  Classroom donations needed throughout the year include: cleaning wipes, tissues, baggies (sandwich and gallon size/generic is fine), glue sticks, and pencils.  Some donations will be handed out to students later in the year.

    A more detailed wish list will be out at back-to-school night.

    Please make sure your child knows where to meet you after school. (Main gate by office, gate next to kindergarten, goes on but, goes to Fun Club)


                                                            First Grade Team