• Read 180 Login Instructions and Expectations

    (printable for distance learning)


    Welcome!  My name is Mr. Wetzell, and I’m your Read 180 teacher.

    Before beginning Read 180 work, you should already have taken the SRI reading assessment test.  Your staff has access to the instructions for taking this test.  This test sets the level of your Read 180 work.  Every month or so, you will be asked to retake the test to see if your reading level has improved.  After taking that test when you first arrive, you are ready to start.

    To login to your Read 180 Account:

    To earn a credit you need to complete a topic, which includes 4 segments (stories).  You can also earn credits by completing online books found in the eLibrary section, then taking the quizzes on those books found in the Reading Counts section.  

    If you are enrolled in the System 44 program, a credit is earned everytime you go from one level to the next.  Example:  going from level 5.9 to 6.1.


    It is important that you get in some computer time for Read 180 (System 44) each and every day that the staff gives you computer time.  Hopefully, a half hour, at least, per day.

    Your username is ____________________

    Your password is ____________________

    If you need any help, ask your staff, or have them contact me.