• Butterfield Ranch Elementary

    Mrs. Escobedo’s Kindergarten Syllabus 



    How will assignments be posted?  


    • Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom with directions on completion and submission and/or


    • Assignments will be given in person with directions and modeling in class 


    • Students will complete assignments through google classroom, ConnectED (ELA/Wonders), and Savvas Realize (Math) used to be Pearson/Easybridge.


    • All assignments are due the next day unless otherwise stated  




    How will assessments be assigned? 


    • Assessments will be assigned through Google Classroom and completed in ConnectED, Savvas, and Google Classroom


    Assessments will be given at the end of each UNIT/Topic with at least 3 days prior notice of a test date and submission timeline. Most tests online (with the exception of any long answers or written reports) will provide an immediate percentage at the end of the test/submission. The percentages may be connected to a Performance Level Mark such as;


    95%-100% - 4 – Extending 

    94% - 80% - 3 – Achieving 

    79% - 65% - 2 – Progressing 

    64% - 50% - 1 – Beginning/Not Met 

    X – Not submitted or not graded at this time


    Feedback and Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement/Expectations 


    How will grades/feedback be communicated to students and parents? 


    • Wonders and Savvas will provide feedback on assignments and assessments, if applicable.  Work completed and submitted in Google Classroom will be assessed by the teacher and the teacher will leave comments and scoring information, either in google classroom or through my gradebook. 


    • Parents will be invited to be a gaurdian in Google Classroom. This invitation will be sent via email to the parents email on file with the front office.  As a gaurdian, parents can receive a weekly summary of their student's assignment's. 


    • Students and Parents can view grades and any missing assignments in Google Classroom, however there may be in person/in class assignments that are not posted that will not show missing, except for in my gradebook.  



    Grade criteria
    Grades are based upon Standards Based grading using Performance Level Marks:


    Performance Level Marks

    4 Extending – Student has an in-depth understanding of grade level performance standards expected at this point of the year.
    3 Achieving – Student is consistently meeting the grade level performance standards expected at this point of the year.
    2 Progressing – Student is partially meeting the grade level performance standards expected at this point of the year.
    1 Beginning/Standard Not Met – Student is not yet meeting grade level performance standards expected at this point of the year.
    X Not Applicable – This standard or group of standards was not assessed during this time period.


    Marks for Citizenship and Effort

    Grades Kindergarten – 6(sixth) 


    The Performance level marks of 1-4 for Kindergarten through six (6) grades will be used by teachers to document a student’s growth within the essential areas of 21st Century Learning on the section of the report card labeled ‘habits for success’.

    Distance Learning Expectations for STAR students

    1. Demonstrate Digital Citizenship
    2. Engage in positive and ethical behavior online
    3. Do your own work
    4. Submit your work on time
    5. Be organized
    6. Get help when needed
    7. Use appropriate online sources
    8. Use message and/or comment features appropriately - academic purposes only
    9. Go to teacher/parent approved sites only
    10. Use the virtual office hours wisely – be prepared with specific questions and do not speak over other students (mute your mic when someone else is speaking, and when you may have loud background noises).


    *Not all assigned work is work towards a grade or percentages, some student work is practice given to prepare students for tests and any other graded projects or assignments.


    DELD students please visit this website for ELD instruction: 



  • Good News!

    You will be able to take AR quizzes at home!

    Simply use your same Username and Password as you did when you were at school.

    Not sure if a book is AR? Look up any book titles on  https://www.arbookfind.com/



    Please feel free to implement your own reward system for earned levels and or point values.  Every 10 points earns one level up.

    Some great incentives, prizes or rewards could be; extra screen time, 10-20 minutes extra outside play time (practicing social distancing), family board game or puzzle night, pencils, erasers, book marks (school supplies) etc. 

    You know your children best, please be creative and encourage your students to read at least 30 minutes a day just as we would normally. Everyone loves a little motivation, have fun and I hope to see those points soar!   

    10 points = Level 1 

    20 points = Level 2 

    30 points = Level 3 

    40 points = Level 4 

    50 points = Level 5 

    60 points = Level 6 

    70 points = Level 7 

    80 points = Level 8  




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