• Below is a list of recommended supplies that will be helpful to have:

    For the Home:

    • Pencils
    • Crayons
    • Glue Stick
    • Scissors
    • Quiet space to do homework or read

    For school: 

    • Backpack
    • Reusable water bottle (optional)
    • Headphones or ear buds (NOT wireless) Also Optional- we have headphones here, but sometimes kids prefer to bring their own.
    • 1-2 Masks in the backpack (optional- parent choice)
    • Lunchbag (optional)


    *Our school will provide many of these supplies for our classroom use.

    *Please do not bring pencil sharpeners, markers or extra crayons.

    *Homework Folder will be given the first week of school. 

    *Amazon wishlist for projects or classroom use: tba

    • art supplies