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  • My child will be using an iPAD. Is there a CLASSLINK APP? Is there an APP for ANDROID?

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    Yes!  ClassLink is found in all app stores (Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store). Just search the word "ClassLink" and you will see either "ClassLink" or "ClassLink Launchpad" 

    Download to your device;

    Search for and choose Chino Valley Unified (and notice the CVUSD logo);

    Log in with your Username and District Password;

    You are ready to roll!



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  • From home, how do I FIND THE CLASSLINK PAGE?

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    There are a couple of ways to find the CVUSD ClassLink login page, but whichever you choose, use Chrome Browser:

    *   visit your school's website, then hover or tap on the Student menu and select "ClassLink Access"

    *   enter the following address in the address bar         myclasslink.com/chino

    ***    remember to bookmark ClassLink for faster access next time



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  • How does a STUDENT LOGIN to ClassLink?

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    Students login with

    Username:      district username only   (not email)

    Password:       district password



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Computer Functionality

  • Nuernberger Education Center Library


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  • File:Google Hangouts Meet icon.png - Wikimedia CommonsGoogle Meet 

    Virtual Meeting Tips



  • Kami - PDF and Document Annotation Kami - Annotation Tool


  • Can we use Kami on an iPAD?

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    No, Kami annotation is only a Chrome extension. To annotate on an iPad, a student may take a screen shot and use the built in Edit > Markup tools.



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  • HOW can students SET UP KAMI?

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    Since the upgrade, the Kami Chrome browser extension has also been added to Student accounts. To activate, follow these quick instructions to log students into their Kami accounts. Of course, be sure to use the district username and password!  Video

    IF you are using a personal computer, you will need to install the Kami extension. Click here for link to install.



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  • How can STUDENTS use Kami to Annotate (Write on) WORKSHEETS and PDFs?

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    Students grades TK-12 will need to write, draw, or type on PDFs. To do this OUTSIDE OF GOOGLE CLASSROOM watch this screencast.



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  • How can STUDENTS answer Kami Assignments in GOOGLE CLASSROOM?

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    This screencast will walk you through how to respond to a Google Classroom assignment that expects a Kami annotation response. ** All students and teachers in our district now have the Kami Chrome extension in their accounts. Just log in with your district Google account info. **  Thank you to IC Eileen Leong for this video.



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  • Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts - Leela Krishna - Medium Keyboard Shortcuts and URL Tips


  • My teacher assigned a PDF WORKSHEET. How do I write on it?

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    Please see the Kami section of Parent & Student FAQs.



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  • How can I SHORTEN a really long URL ADDRESS?

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    Sometimes a really long URL can be really unattractive. There are two very common URL Shorteners you may consider using.



    Here's directions!



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  • Please share some easy, quick KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS to help my workflow?

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    You bet! Hold down the keys (two or three) at the same time... (replace Control with Command for Mac computers)

    Control +          Makes your internet screen get larger

    Control  -          Makes your internet screen get smaller

    Control  F          Enter a word or phrase in the search box, and search for all occasions of that word on the webpage

    Control  Z          Undo (last process)

    Control  B          Makes the next text bold (repeat shortcut to end)

    Control  U         Makes the next text underlined (repeat shortcut to end)

    Control  I          Makes the next text italicized (repeat shortcut to end)

    Control  C         Copies highlighted text and saves to the clipboard

    Control  X          Cuts out and saves highlighted text to the clipboard

    Control  V          Pastes what is on the clipboard

    Control  Shift  Delete          Clears the cache of whatever browser you are in...helpful if old pages load or old passwords insist on appearing

    Download and print this (for PCs)

    Download and print this (for Chromebooks)



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  • How can I type in ANOTHER LANGUAGE?

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    f you have the U.S. international keyboard installed, you can type Spanish accents on Windows by simply typing an apostrophe followed by the vowel you want to accent. You can install this keyboard by searching language settings > options > add a keyboard > United-States International. (Click here to see how to install.) Once you’ve installed it, you’ll see a language bar has appeared next to the clock in the start bar. If it’s not already selected, click on the language and select ENG INTL.

    á = ‘ + a

    é = ‘ + e

    í = ‘ + i

    ó = ‘ + o

    ú = ‘ + u

    Here are the keyboard combos for the other accents/characters: (*The Alt key on the RIGHT of the space bar has to be used. The left one won’t work.)

    ü = ” + u

    n = ˜+ n

    ¡ = Alt + !

    ¿ = Alt + ?



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  • wonders McGraw Hill (Wonders - Elementary)


  • How do I find ASSIGNMENTS in my WONDERS website?

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    First, to find your Wonders website, 

    * log into ClassLink

    * tap the McGraw Hill ConnectED (LTI) icon (note, there is not username or password necessary)

    * tap the Wonders book

    * see six circles surrounding a larger center circle with a character. The top left circle is "To do" and should, when tapped, show your teacher's assignments for you.

    * tap on the other circles to explore other options for the week



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  • How do I ANSWER QUESTIONS in my reading book / website?

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    That will depend upon what is assigned, so please first look for annotation tools (digital pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters). If you do not see those, perhaps your assignment is just reading. You may reach out to your teacher for specific details about other assignments.



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  • I can not see the WONDERS ASSIGNMENTS in Google Classroom.....

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    In ClassLink, you must have both McGraw-Hill ConnectED (LTI) and Google Classroom open in order to see the Wonders assignments in Google Classroom. McGraw-Hill student accounts must be open all the way to the student dashboard (page with the circles). 



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  • Get sailing with social-emotional learning SEL / Mindfulness


  • What is MINDFULNESS and how can it BENEFIT STUDENTS?

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    Mindfulness is the act of being present...being aware of just the here and now. Students and adults in this crazy time of COVID-19, have concerns that can be overwhelming, and practicing mindfulness can help release the worries of things past and the fear of an unknown future.

    Simple meditation exercises - belly breathing, body scan, humming or finger-tutting - can be practiced, and as we learn new tasks and practice them, we become better and better at those tasks. We build and grow those connections in our brain that help us to automate behaviors. Meditation has been proven to increase calm, responsiveness, memory, and attention spans.

    This YouTube Playlist will introduce you and your students to Mindfulness practices and philosophies.



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