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    Chino Valley Adult School Mission Statement
    Our Mission is to provide students with the educational opportunities to meet their individual needs and goals, promote transitional readiness to higher education or careers and prepare each individual to become a productive member of the community.

    WE PROVIDE – ESL classes, Citizenship Preparation, Credit Recovery classes, Adult School Diploma classes, GED preparation classes, GED Testing, Enrichment classes, Basic Skills classes, Academic Counseling and Career Counseling Services.
    WE PROMOTE – transition to higher education through counseling services and teacher guidance and a community college liaison. A culture of academic achievement which embraces the journey and celebrates success, cultural engagement, collaboration between teachers and students and the utilization of technology and online resources
    WE PREPARE – students to plan and prioritize to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals. To enter and advance in the workforce, college and transitional learning opportunities and to inculcate students into our community and culture as full fledge citizens.

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    Student Learning Outcomes
    Self-Directed Lifelong Learners who:
    Pursue personal, academic and career goals.
    • Work independently and collaboratively to complete tasks and enhance and develop skills.
    • Utilize 21st century technology skillfully and effectively.
    Effective Communicators who:
    • Demonstrate appropriate listening, reading, speaking, writing and computational skills.
    • Develop ability to express ideas and understand and by understood by others.
    Productive Individuals who:
    • Assess personal needs and use critical thinking skills to find and utilize resources.
    • Demonstrate community involvement and respect for diversity.

    Solve real life problems by acquiring and employing new knowledge.


Last Modified on January 24, 2023