What are the advantages of attending BST?


    The BST provides students with a unique high school experience complete with cutting edge, specialized courses of study and hands-on experience and exposure to different professions through internships with industry partners.  BST graduates will be primed for post-secondary success, either as highly competitive college applicants or as industry leaders in high demand technical professions.


    I would like to enroll in the BST. What are the next steps to becoming a BST scholar?


    The BST Office of Admissions would like to congratulate you on the decision to further your education at the Biomedical Science and Technology Academy at Chino High School. Please see the BST Admissions tab for more information regarding applying for the BST.


    Can BST students participate in other electives and/or extracurricular activities offered at Chino High School?


    Yes, participation in the BST does not exclude you from participating in extracurricular activities before school, during lunch, or after school. In fact, some extracurricular activities will be built into the BST program.


    What is the cost of studying at BST?


    The BST is a tuition-free magnet program hosted on the Chino High School campus. There are no costs associated with enrollment in the BST.


    Does the BST accept transfer students?


    Yes, the BST is a magnet program designed to attract students from across the district. Students choosing to attend BST instead of their school of residence will need to submit a CVUSD Transfer Request. Contact the BST Office of Admissions at 909.627.7351 x3150 for guidance on how to initiate the transfer process.


    Is there district transportation for BST students?


    Please contact the CVUSD Transportation Department for information regarding district transportation and bus eligibility. 


    Will grade point average (G.P.A.) be calculated differently in the BST program?


    No, G.P.A. will not be calculated differently in the BST program. However, Advanced Placement coursework, which is a significant component of the BST program, is weighted differently than non-Advanced Placement coursework.


    What are the BST branches of study?


    The Biomedical Science and Cyber Security branches of study prepare BST scholars to become leaders in their chosen fields. These branches and their respective Core Specialty Courses are designed to provide students with leading-edge knowledge in emerging careers with a focus on innovation, investigation, and invention.

    BST scholars will be exposed to both branches of study during the Summer Bridge program and their first-year coursework. At the end of their first year, BST scholars will select either the Biomedical Science or the Cyber Security branch.


    Can non-BST students take BST Core Specialty courses?


    No, BST Core Specialty courses are offered exclusively to students enrolled in the BST program.


    What is the BST Summer Bridge program?


    The BST Summer Bridge program introduces students to the Biomedical Science and Cyber Security branches of study and allows students to meet and interact with their cohort before the school year begins. The BST Summer Bridge program consists of two courses, Introduction to Python Coding and Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Honors, taken during the summer by incoming BST students. The BST Summer Bridge program is required for all incoming students.