The more you come to class, the faster you will get better with your English skills.
    Regular attendance - 80% minimum - is encouraged and recommended to get regular face-to-face interaction practice, so that you can gain the most improvement in your English speaking and listening skills.  This can only be practiced in class with your classmates.

    If you will be absent from class for TWO weeks or more, please communicate with me in writing (a short email/a small note). You may be automatically dropped from the class if you do not tell me before your absence that you will miss class for two weeks.  Your seat may be given to another student.

    If you miss one or two days of class in a week, there is no need to tell me.
    It is your responsibility to catch up with the class and get class notes from your classmates. 

    Whenever you don't know something or you are unsure about something, ask questions.  This is part of your learning.  The more questions you ask, the more you will improve your speaking.  Practice asking 1 or 2 classmates your question FIRST, before asking me.  

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