• Accelerated Reader
    All students in grades one through six participate in Wickman's wildly successful AR program.  Even kindergarten students who meet teacher-established standards can, near the end of their first year of school, participate in AR reading and testing!
    What is AR?  Simply put, students read Wickman AR books (found in our own library, classrooms, the Chino Hills Branch Library, and of course, purchased from many locations).  Students then take AR tests and receive immediate feedback in the form of points.  The stronger a student's comprehension of a given book, the higher passing rate, and the more points available to the student.

    Level Eight
    Each school year, students in every grade level seek to meet Level Eight goals.  Students who successfully reach Level Eight by May 1st  are rewarded with a PTO AR Ice Cream Party.

    Career Points
    From the very first test taken at Wickman, to the very last test taken at Wickman (by March 1st each year) students may seek high Career Points. Career Points are recognized each year at Academic Night.