• First Grade School Supply List 


    We are asking all students to bring some of their own school supplies on the first day of school. These items should be able to fit in your child’s pencil box. It would be helpful if your child could bring the following: 


    • Plastic rectangular pencil box 

    • Pencil (Ticonderoga Laddie pencils work best for little hands!) 

    • 1 black Expo marker 

    • Twistable crayons 

    • 1 Highlighter 

    • 1 large glue stick 


    Donations to the classroom (if possible, not mandatory): 


    • Extra Twistable crayons 

    • 6 glue sticks (we go through a lot!) 

    • Baby wipes 

    • Clorox wipes 

    • Kleenex 

    • Ream of paper (white or colored) 

    • Extra Expo markers 


    Thank you in advance for your help! 

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