• February 2024 Newsletter update

    Our school continues to implement MTSS-B Tier 2/3 intervention groups that focus on CASEL strategies alongside school-wide expectations. Currently, 36 students are benefiting from Tier 2/3 small group or CICO services with a success rate of 97%. Additionally, our K-3 students have access to PALS, a Tier 2 Intervention program with 15 students receiving prevention services, while 17 students are receiving intervention services. The Tier 2 team has conducted 42 STEP meetings and three threat screenings executed by our counselors and administrators. Since its inception in October, our Wellness Room/Pablo's Den has provided services to 316 students. Our PBIS practices have a positive impact on attendance, discipline, and academic success, with a current YTD attendance rate of 96.2% for K-8 students, and 99% of students having 0-1 ODR school-wide. This academic year has seen only two suspensions and zero expulsions for disciplinary reasons. Lastly, 93% of JH students have a 2.0 GPA or higher. 


    October 2023 Newsletter update 


    Lyle S. Briggs K-8 has been recognized by the California PBIS Coalitionfor successful PBIS implementation at the Platinum level. This reflects excellence in the implementation of the core features of PBIS. 

    MTSS-B Tidbits 

    • As a part of our Elementary PBIS Tier 1 program, Dr. Linenberger, our K-6 MTSS-B counselor, delivered 18 elementary Healthy Minds lessons in August and September to all elementary students/classes. Students were engaged and participatory while learning coping strategies and what it means to have a healthy mind and incorporating our school-wide expectations: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe. 

    • Our PALS (Positive Actions for Life Success) Tier 2 program is off to a great start targeting our youngest learners, our Kinder students, as a preventative program! PALS will again be offered in the spring to our K-3 students as a Tier 2 Intervention. 

    • Our MTSS-B Tier 2/3 intervention groups have begun and will focus on a CASEL strategy paired with a schoolwide expectation. There are currently 37 students receiving Tier 2/3 counseling services.  

    • Mrs. Borgogno, our JH MTSS-B Counselor and JH Academic Counselor delivered Healthy Minds lesson in September to every student during their Physical Education Class. Students were taught about identifying their feelings, using coping skills, and asking for help. Also emphasized is that there is always a trusting adult on campus that students may turn to as needed. 

    • Our MTSS-B Counselors were able to survey our parents and families at Back to School Night regarding PBIS and received great feedback. Over 72% of our families believe PBIS has benefited their students. 

    • Our Wellness Center is a hit, welcoming small groups of up to 12 students during lunch. Students have access to a variety of tools to utilize at school. Some items students can find at the Wellness Center are aromatherapy diffusers, art utensils, board games, brain puzzles, coloring sheets, mindfulness books, stress balls, and word search sheets. Students who are feeling overwhelmed during the school day can check in with the MTSS-B Counselor to assess their feelings and take a calming break.