• Vacation!



    Welcome to Briggs Junior High School

    for the 2020-2021 School Year

    & Welcome to Mr. George's

    Distance Learning Classrooms!



    Wake up and be ready for your classes!





    To "go" to class, click on the Google Meets link on the banner


    for each of your classes. This will allow you to join the class session.


    You may also click on "Office Hours" to meet with your teachers at 

    certain time of the week.



    On Mondays and Thursdays, Periods One (1), Two (2), and Three (3) will meet.


    All classes will meet briefly each Wednesday.



    On Tuesdays and Fridays, Periods Four (4), and Five (5) will meet.




    Work will be assigned and collected via Google Classroom.




    It is VERY important that you sign up for the classes in which you are enrolled.

    You should also be sure to sign up for your teacher's office hours "class."

    By attending the office hours "class" during their office hours, you may talk to your

    teacher and they can help you.



    Contact Information: 


    email: david_george@chino.k12.ca.us


    Students may talk to me directly or chat with me while

    in google meet.


    You may also contact me directly via Google Classroom.


    History Department office hours may be found in the menu

    located above and to the left.


    Please check here frequently for more updates and information.