english 9 honors
  • course description & Overview

    This is an English course designed to meet the needs of the student working above grade level. The emphasis is on the further development of writing ability in general, the introduction of analytical writing and the writing domains specified in the District Writing Portfolio, abstract and critical thinking, an introduction to literary genres, and an appreciation of literature. Mythology and a Shakespearean play are included as major content areas. Other things covered include vocabulary development, listening and speaking skills, and further improvement in the student’s library and research skills. The course is conducted at an accelerated level and is designed to prepare students for other English Honors and accelerated courses in grades ten through twelve.

    The skills outlined in the District’s Standards and Objectives for the ninth grade level are necessary components to create communication-literate students who will continue to thrive throughout their high school career and beyond into post-high school education and the workforce.


    Classroom Objectives and Course of Events 

    This is a multi-genre course, including literature, oratory, drama, and essays/articles. We will focus on analysis of texts as well as studying more traditional literary aspects of fiction. The year will be broken down into several units:

    Unit 1: American Voices

    Unit 2: Survival

    Unit 3: The Literature of Civil Rights

    Unit 4: Star Crossed Romances

    Unit 5: Journeys of Transformation

    Unit 6: World’s End


     This course is designed to encourage critical thinking and to explore new ideas outside of our everyday experiences. This will be achieved with an overview of both contemporary and classical literature as well as through multimedia. As an advanced course, the expectations and rigor of the class will be held to a higher standard than in a traditional English class.  


    Classroom Materials 

    Tentatively, the major works we will be reading will be The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, and The Odyssey by Homer, and various short stories, poems, and articles as time permits to supplement the themes and topics discussed in each unit.