• Welcome to Mrs. Lauer's Distance Learning Classroom! 

    3rd Grade Room H19

    Email: kathleen_lauer@chino.k12.ca.us

    School Phone: (909) 591-1336

    Office Hours are available from 10 AM - 12 PM Monday-Friday.

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  • Music: Join Mrs. Cuen's Google Classroom using this code: nzkpbhf


    Intervention Students:  Please continue to use Lexia daily. The app is available on Classlink and through Mrs. Gonzales' class web page. 

    DELD Students: DELD lessons can be found in Google Classroom in students' DELD folder. 


  • How/when will students submit their work?

    A weekly plan will be posted by Monday morning each week. Students will submit their work on Google Classroom or through the curriculum websites (Savvas and ConnectEd). Students can work day by day according to the weekly plan or work at their own pace. All work for the week should be completed and submitted by Friday at 5:00 pm. Specific dues dates will be communicated on our classroom website and weekly plans.


    When are assessments?

    Assessments will be given approximately 1-2 times each week for Language Arts and at the end of each topic for math. Assessments will be available on Google Classroom, ConnectED, and Pearson. If a particular assessment must be completed prior to the end of the week, the weekly plan will specifically note this. 


    How will grades/feedback be communicated to students and parents?

    ConnectEd and Savvas will provide instant feedback on assignments and assessments, if applicable.  Work completed and submitted on Google Classroom will be assessed by the teacher and the teacher will leave comments and scoring information. 

    Parents will be notified via email, Remind, or our class website of our weekly plans.  They will be encouraged to sign on to their student’s ClassLink account to view assessment results.  Teachers will also be emailing individually to communicate with parents if needed regarding student progress.


    Grading Rubric

     4: Extending the Standard - A student at this level demonstrates independent content knowledge and skills beyond the standard with little to no support.

     3: Achieving the Standard - A student at this level demonstrates content knowledge at the standard with little to no support.

     2: Progressing with the Standard - A student at this level demonstrates some content knowledge and skills within the standard with support.

     1: Beginning the Standard - A student at this level attempts to perform the task with support.