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    Welcome to Mrs. Barbosa’s Extended Learning Classroom

    From now until further notice, please use the extended learning plan located  HERE (click on the link). 


       Please check the District website frequently for updated information. 


    Second Grade Distance Learning Guidelines 

    We understand this is a unique learning situation. It is important that we have a teacher-family partnership to ensure your child’s learning during this time. The 1st-grade team has planned and designed lessons to be completed at home. We are confident your child is capable of completing the assignments independently. However, your support may be needed to ensure his or her understanding of the daily lesson. Assessments need to be completed independently using the honor system. Please encourage your child to take ownership of their learning, as this is a wonderful opportunity for growth. 

    How/when will students submit their work? 

    We will create a weekly plan for students that will be posted by Monday morning of each week.  Students will submit their work on curriculum websites (Pearson and Wonders-ConnectED) and any other work outside these sites will be assigned and submitted through Google Classroom.  Students can work day by day according to the weekly plan or work at their own pace, making sure all work for the week is completed and submitted by Friday at 3:20 pm.  Specific dates will be made very clear on our classroom websites and weekly plans. 

    When are assessments? 

    Assessments will be given approximately 1-2 times each week for ELA and at the end of each topic for math. Assessments will be available on Wonders-ConnectED and Pearson. 

    How will grades/feedback be communicated with students and families? 

    Wonders-ConnectED and Pearson will provide instant feedback on assignments and assessments, if applicable.  Work completed and submitted on Google Classroom will be assessed by the teacher and the teacher will leave comments and scoring information.