• Welcome to Mrs. Brewer's Classroom


     This will be a new and an excited year for all us here at Litel, especially in room 28. I am Mrs. Brewer the teacher and I am proud to introduce Mrs. Kirby, our classroom Aide, who will be helping us throughout the year.  I am sure you all have questions and I would love to answer them, but first let me tell you this; please know that my first priority is the students learning and health so please let me (and the health office) know if there is any health issues that I need to be aware of.   



     Contact Information


    * I will respond to email within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

    (909)591-1336 x5928

    Virtual Hours

    Monday     2:20-3:05

    Tuesday    2:20-3:05

    Thursday   2:20-3:05

    Friday        2:20-3:05


    Google Classroom Codes



    Science/Social Study:mdsd26j

    PE: 53r3j4x

    ART: d6kxm3m







    Grading Rubric


    4:Extending the Stanard - A student at this level demonstrates independent content knowledge and skills beyond the standard with little to no support.


    3: Achieving the Standard - A student at this level demonstrates content knowledge at the standard with litte to no support.


    2: Progressing with the Standard - A student at this level demonstrates some content knowledge and skills within the standard with support. 


    1: Beginning the Standard - A student at this level attempts to perform the task with support.