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    Ms. Douglass
    Your child has homework every night.
    READING HOMEWORK:  This is a month long assignment.
    1.  Your child needs to read to you every day.  You need to write the title of the book next to the Koala on the Koala Reading Log. There are 20 school days in a month so there are twenty koalas (ten on the front, ten on the back).
    2.  Your child needs to complete at least three of the Calendar Activities every week.  This is on the honor system.  As long as your child has completed the work, he/she may check off the box.  If your child would like to complete all five every week, that is fine.
    3.  On the first Monday of the next month, your child needs to return the Koala Reading Log and Calendar Activity sheet.  Each page is worth five points.
    There are at least 250 sight words your child needs to know by the end of the year.  Please make sure your child is working on memorizing his/her sight words.  Your child does not need to spell them, just read them.  
    As soon as your child knows the list of ten words, PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE saying "Test, Joe/Jane."  This note serves as my reminder.  Please do not tell me in the morning, I will forget by the time I get in the door.  I will test your child.  If your child passes that list, I will check him/her off and send home the next list.
    Every Monday, a new spelling list is sent home attached to last week's spelling test.
    1.  Your child needs to write each word three times EVERY night on a piece of lined paper.  
    2.  Your child needs to write the spelling sentence three times every night.
    3.  Turn the paper over.
    4.  YOU will need to write out at least five addition and five subtraction problems for your child to work.  Please use the examples as your guide.
    5.  Your child needs to return his/her homework the next day.  By the end of the week, he/she should have returned four spelling/math homework assignments.
    Thank you for your support at home.
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  • Chalk Socks
    Please send an old, clean sock to school.  Your child will be using it as an eraser and a place to store a piece of chalk.  A baby's or toddler's sock works best.  Your child needs this as soon as possible. 
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