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  • The Newman PFA (Parent/Faculty Association) is group of volunteers dedicated to bridging the gap between school, families and community. The Newman PFA puts on school wide events like the Trunk or Treat, Father/Daughter Dance and the Mother/Son Event. We help support grade level field trips and help purchase AVID school supplies, math manipulatives for our IMP Math Program and much needed technology. We host book fairs and holiday name it, we do it. We welcome and encourage any and all feedback. Have a great idea? Let me know! See something we could be doing differently? Speak up! As they say it takes a village to raise a child. Therefore it takes a whole community to support an elementary school We ask that you chip in where you can and help us keep our PFA an acitve, energetic group that does so much for our students and community! Let's make a difference. As your PFA president, I am most concerned with making sure parents feel welcome, connected and involved. With busy schedules it can be certainly challenging to stay informed. That said, here are some easy ways to stay CONNECTED with the Newman PFA. 

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