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    English 9/10- - - Leadership - - - Life Skills


    • Email, call, or text me if you have questions or concerns.  Parents, I strongly recommend accepting the invite to receive weekly summaries from Google Classroom.  If you need that re-sent, contact me with the best email address for you.

    • ALL grades will be posted on Google Classroom.  Work will be posted in Google Classroom, but some assignments will be collected on paper during class time.  You should still bring your laptop daily!  You should check Google Classroom for updated grades.

    • Walk-Arounds go out every 2 weeks - it's a brief progress report from ALL your student's teachers.  Progress reports are generally mailed out the fifth or sixth week of the Quarter, but I will contact parents before that if a student is falling behind.  I will also contact parents if a student is doing well.


    Contact Info:

    School phone 909-628-9903 x7923

    School Email  daura_beard@chino.k12.ca.us or copy and paste daura_beard@chino.k12.ca.us

    *** Google Voice 909-313-2282 will only accept text messages.

    Students can also send messages through Google Classroom.