• Counseling

    Buena Vista Counseling Program

    The Buena Vista High School Counseling Program has a mission to serve. Our students, parents and staff are our priority. We believe students can succeed when provided with education, encouragement, and opportunity.

    The Counseling Staff for 2017-2018 includes:
    Veronica Rios, School Counselor - Ext. 7944 Email:Veronica_Rios@chino.k12.ca.us

    Martha Martinez, Career Technician - Ext. 7940
    Dalila Garcia de Leon, Counseling Assistant - Ext. 7948

    Please contact our staff to set up an appointment to discuss any concern or to receive information about graduation, college, scholarships/financial aid for college, and any personal concern that can affect your child's education.


    Money for College Costs?

    The Counseling Department has been encouraging seniors to fill out the important documents needed to apply for financial aid for those attending a college or trade school next year. The CAL Grant and FAFSA documents may look complicated but with help, parents and students can apply for possible grants. Grants are NOT loans...this money is for college costs and does not have to be paid back. Please go to https://mygrantinfo.csac.ca.gov for more information or see someone in our Counseling Office.

    Upcoming Events

    Please take a look at the calendar to the right. There are many upcoming events sponsored by the counseling staff. Please give us a call if you have any questions or need additional information.

    Welcome New Students!

    We want to welcome some our our newest students...they recently attended orientation and are ready to start earning credits and enjoy a new learning opportunity here at Buena Vista.

    Your School Counselor and Your College Plan

    A link has been added to the "Counseling Services" area to the right of this announcement. Check out the ways Mrs. Rios, Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. Garcia de Leon can help you prepare for life after Buena Vista. College CAN be in your future and we are here to help you explore all your options.


    Juniors and Seniors: Did you take the ASVAB test? Be sure to speak with Mrs. Martinez in our Library for information about your score. The ASVAB is required for those interested in the Armed Services but all students can take the test. Stop by and see Mrs. Martinez in the Library for more information.

    Return to Home School

    Students/Parents: If you want to return to your home school at the semester or next fall, be sure to set up a meeting with the counselor. A plan should be made to ensure that a student has completed all required credits, is at 2.0 or higher GPA and has passed both portions of the exit exam.

    Chaffey College

    Seniors will have the opportunity to [attend a presentation from a Chaffey College representative. Seniors will have the opportunity to take the required assessment tests, receive advice from a Chaffey College counselor and prepare for registration - all at Buena Vista High School! Stop by the Counseling Office/Library for more information.

    Recruiter Visits

    Students: If you are interested in the armed services, be sure to stop by the Career Center/Library to sign up to meet with a recruiter. The Army, Air Force, and Marines are just a few of the branches who will visit this year.