• Parents are often confused about when to have their student stay home. Whereas you know your student better than we do, there are  a few basic rules we follow:


    1. If your student has a fever or 100 degrees or higher, your student needs to stay home. Once your child has been FEVER FREE for 24hours without medication(Tylenol, Motrin, etc) we welcome them back to school.

    2. Now, if your student is VOMITING or has DIARRHEA, keep them home. Your student can return to school 24 hours after the last time they vomited or used the bathroom...once again, without taking medication.


    3. And, the dreaded LICE! If your student is sent home with LICE, out Health Office staff will give you information on how to treat not only the student but also how to treat your home. The student needs to be accompanied by an adult upon their  return to school to be checked by our Health Office staff. If your student is found to be "nit free"...off to class they go. If nits are found, the student can not be allowed back in class until the nits have been removed.


    Our goal is to have your student in class everyday...but illnesses occur and by following these guidelines, hopefully we can keep the illnesses contained.

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    1st Grade Physical

    California law requires a health examination within the 18months prior to 1st grade entry or within the first three months after entering 1st grade. A parent can sign a waiver but we encourage all our parents to get a physical for their student.  We have the form in the office that the doctor can fill out or bring in the form the doctor gives you.

    The CVUSD Health Center can provide free examinations for your student to fulfill their physical requirements.

    The CVUSD Health Center can also provide FREE MEDICAL CARE FOR CHILDREN AGES 0-21

    Some of their Services Include:

    Well-child check ups and CHDP exams (Physicals)

    School entry physical exams

    Sports physicals

    Sick care treatment and follow-up

    The clinic is located at 12970 3rd St  in Chino

    Please call for an appointment:

    909628-1201 ext 8935

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