Levi Dickey has supplied many of the necessary items your child needs for school including:

    - notebook paper
    - colored pencils
    - crayons
    - markers
    - highlighters
    - pencils
    - glue sticks
    - scissors
    - spiral notebooks
    - compostion books
    - erasers (pencil top and large pink)
    - binders
    - tab dividers
    - 3 hole pencil pouch
    Voluntary donations of school supplies and additional items listed below are appreciated at any time throughout the year.  We won't be able to replace broken items so we greatly appreciate all of the help we can get.
    - dry erase markers: Black, Low Odor Expo
    - disinfecting wipes
    - hand sanitizer
    - facial tissues (especially during winter and spring)
    - baby wipes
    - paper towels
    - empty and clean toilet paper tubes
    - empty shoe boxes
    - unused straws
    - unused popsicle sticks
    - pipe cleaners

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