Learning Expectations

  • Distance Learning Syllabus


    Assignments will be posted on Google classroom.  The Code is: yod6w3x



    This year we will be using Google Classroom as our main platform. All students will have access to be able to do assignments and turn them in.


    Apps in ClassLink

    There will be certain apps that we will use more than others.  The district is adding curriculum apps on your students Classlink.  ClassLink should be the only way to access any curriculum or supplemental work. Some of the supplemental apps you will need are: Kami, Code Studio, Freckle, Epic, Lexia, Typing Club and GoNoodle. If you don't have these apps, your child can add them to their ClassLink page by clicking on the + sign and search.  Please email me if you have any issues



    All assignments will be given on Google Classroom with the help of the Kami App.  You are going to love that Kami app once you get started!



    Students will recieve feedback through either Google Classroom, Aries or email? The turn around for all work will be 24-72 hours.  Please be patient with me as I too have kids at home.

    Some assignments will give an automatic feedback but others will be graded by me.



    Aries will be our main source of grading.  Please down load the app to your phone for easy access. Grades will be updated every two weeks if not sooner


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

    Live Sessions via Google Meet

    Live Sessions will be held Monday -Friday. 

    Attendance will be taken everyday. Students must be logged onto their laptop by 8:14 and ready for Learning by 8:15 via Google Meets.  I know that this will take some practice and adjustments for ALL of us, so don't panic if your child is not ready.  I have kids too, so I know exactly how it is.

    Synchronous (live)teaching will be M, T, Th & F 8:15-1:10. Then from 1:25-1:55 will be Synchronous teaching for DELD students.

    Synchronous teaching on Wednesday will be 8:15-10:15 am. DELD instruction will take place on Wednesday from 10:30-11:00


     If a student is absent from the direct instruction lesson, he/she must email me and coordinate a meeting to make-up the lesson. I will also be meeting with students in small groups throughout the week to provide additional support. For those that need to attend small group sessions, I will notify in advance.) *This is the "schedule" on your class homepage


    Office Hours

    My Virtual office hours are from 8:00-3:15

     I am available during my virtual office hours for questions via Google Meets and email.


    Go to this link to access your classlink