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    Parents and Students, 

       I will no longer be assigning lessons online. Please use the packets that you picked up Tuesday at school, for this last week of school starting today.  You should be spending about 45 minutes completing the math packets.  Another 45 minutes completing the ELA packets and about 20-25 minutes exercising.  You can follow the schedule below or go at your own pace.  Some of it is review so you should be able to go through it a little quicker.  However, do not hurry through it.  It is better if you understand it before you go on.  So please have someone check your work to make sure you're on the right track.  You're about a week away from becoming 3rd graders.  Finish the race strong so you will be ready to enter 3rd grade with confidence.  You are amazing "Kay Kids" and I am so proud of your perseverance through these unusual circumstances.  "Every day, in every way, YOU got better and better!"


    Tuesday, May 26th


    Continue to review Topic 14


    Complete the next 2 pages or Grammar Packet

    Read the 4th page in the "Body" packet (underline where you found your answers in the story) 

    Read a book outside to an elderly person

    Just for Fun

    Play a board game with your family


    Wednessday, May 27th


    Complete Topic 14/Begin Topic 15 


    Complete  the Grammar Packet 

    Complete the "Body" packet (underline where you found your answers in the story) 

    Read a book and draw a picture of the setting in the story

    Just for Fun

    Play "Would you rather?"  with your family.  (IE  Would you rather eat a pickle and banana sandwich or smell someone"s sticky shoes for 1 miniute?)


    Thursday, May 28th


    Complete Topic 15 and 16 at your own pace


    Write a paragraph about your favorite memories of second grade. (Include some memories of when we had to continue school online, from home because of Covid 19.) 

    Read the book, "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss with someone in your family

    Just for Fun

    Create a graduation diploma.  First find a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll.  Fill it with candy. Wrap it with tissue paper or whatever paper you have. Leave some extra paper over each end.  Twist the paper and tie a ribbon on each end.  Have someone tell you all the ways that they have seen you grow this past year and what they think is amazing about you. Then they can hand you your "diploma" and tell you congratulations and give you a huge hug!  That is what I wish I could do with each one of you.  I am so proud of you! Never forget, "Every day, in every way, I get better and better."  Congratulations my big 3rd graders!