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    Please click here for future online meetings: Google Classroom 

    The District is pleased to announce that the MTSS B and PALS web pages are ready for use as supplemental materials for students.
    The following links will take you to the web pages on the Health Services page.
    MTSS B Guidance Lessons (Grades K-8)          https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/Page/33267
    Please read the easy to follow instructions on the main MTSS B web page before accessing the videos. The Second Step section is filled with complementary resources for students and parents that are provided by Second Step through June 2020. 
    The PALS lessons are comprised of worksheets that focus on fostering positive social skills and a healthy self-concept.

    Daily Work for Distance Learning

    • Students should log into McGraw Hill (our Language Arts Curriculum) and complete each day’s assigned work.
    • Students should log into Google Classroom and click on the link for Pearson (our Math Curriculum) and complete each day’s assigned work. Please make sure students are logging in with their own e-mail address for the first time after going in through Classlink.
    • Students should read 20 minutes per day. Use Epic!, books at home, or use the reading assigned through our Language Arts assignments.
    • Practice our Kindergarten Sight Words daily. If students know all 40 Kindergarten Sight Words, move onto the Challenge Sight Words. Click Here for Sight Word List.
    • Optional: Work on various apps available for enrichment and practice: Freckle, Starfall, Epic!, ST Math.

    Please click Here for Positive Actions for Life Success (PALS).

    Please click Here for Deld Lessons (30 minutes per day) for English Language Learners.

    Contact Information

    Email: nina_piaseckyj@chino.k12.ca.us  and/or ClassDojo Site

    Virtual Office Hours: Monday-Friday 1:00 am to 3:00 pm. I will responding to e-mails during my office hours, but I will also be checking them throughout the day.

    Class Syllabus: 

    Distance Learning Expectations: Students will go online Monday through Friday. They will access their work and complete it daily. They will be expected to be on pace with the class. Students will be required to do their work on their own with minimal Parent support and guidance. Students and Parents, who have questions regarding the work, will be able to ask them during the Teachers' virtual office hours via e-mail.

    How students will submit work: Students will submit work through the Wonders (Language Arts) website, Pearson (Math) website, and Epic!.

    When students will submit work: Students will complete work daily.

    When are assessments: The dates of the assessments will vary based on the work assigned.

    How feedback will be communicated: Feedback will be communicated through email.

    How grades will be communicated: As work is completed, parents will receive an email if their child needs more support in any area.

    Click on the link below to view important information.

    PBIS expectations for Distance Learning

    To access Wonders for Language Arts, and Pearson for Math Assignments go to the CVUSD Website HERE Go to Students, then go to Student Services, then select Classlink access.

    **Classlink will give you access to all of the necessary apps for Distance Learning.

    An Additional Reading Website: Click Epic


    *Please contact Mrs. Piaseckyj if you need your child's username and/or password.*