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    Practice the following each day

    • Long tones-keep it steady with good tone.  Stop when tone wavers or develops a poor quality of sound.  Brass stop when the pitch changes partials
    • Lip slurs for brass G to C lip control and agility
    • Note reading practice- Note reading practice-"online quizzes"
    • Playing your Bb concert scale up and down.


    Rhythms and Rests

    On Rhythm Studies page 45 in your Band Book

    Rhythm lines: 1,2,3

    1. Write in the counts under your measures.  Be sure to underline counts that go together (ex. d  d halfnotes    1  2   3 4. )   Rest counts should be in parenthesis.  (ex. whole rest should be marked (1 2 3 4 )

    2. Clap and count

    3. Play using metronome (the lower the number the slower the speed) You choose the tempo


     Songs from Your Band Book


    Page 14: Eighth Note Escapade, Skill Builder:Processional Dance, Baja Breeze(Percussion player work on the snare part, write in the notes on the bell line)

    1. Read your notes out loud while you finger. Check your keysignature for #s and bs. (sharps and flats)

    2. Clap and count the rhythms (write in counts on difficult measures.)

    3.Read through the musical map. Are there repeats,  (first and second endings)


    Help links for you 



     Hints when recording....

    Work on phrasing (where do you breathe?) and slurs versus tonguing


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