•  District Instrument Loan papers are available in the office.  Loan papers must be filled out and turned in by Thursday, 8/26. You must also have turn in a Band Registration to qualify for an instrument.  Instruments are limited so please turn in forms on time. 

                                               WELCOME TO BAND!!

    I will place lessons and helpful info on this site.  Please check weekly for information.

                       Advance Band      Mondays 11:00-11:45  Thursdays 10:10-10:55

                       Beginning Woodwinds     Mondays 12:35-1:10     Thursdays   1:15-1:50  

      Beginning Brass/Percussion             Mondays  1:15-1:50   Thursdays   12:35-1:10  


    During conference week there will be no afternoon beginning band rehearsals! 

    Advance band will rehearse Thursday at 9:50

    • See the links for your instructional videos at the bottom of my classroom page.  Watch this during the conference week for additional independent learning.
    • We will begin playing in sectionals the week after conference week.  District scholarship instruments will be distributed at your Monday rehearsal.


    Items you need for band

    1. instrument 

    2. Book - Tradition of Excellence Book 1

    3. pencil   

    4. any additional items specifically for your instrument:

    Sax/clarinets- 5  size 1/2 reeds, silk cleaning cloth, cork grease

    flutes- silk cleaning cloth  and stick

    trumpets/baritones- "fast" or "blue juice" valve oil, old rag for spit and cloth to wipe down the trumpet

    Trombone- slide oil or grease,  old rag for spit and cloth to wipe down the trumpet  

    Percussion- metronome app on phone (find a free one) or computer.


    To contact me:

    email- pam-bell@chino.k12.ca.us


     REMIND and this web page is the easiest way to communicate.  PLEASE JOIN REMIND!

    The code for Liberty Band is:

    Liberty Band

    On your phone Message-


    Text @8733226


    If you need help I've included the following link-




    All about the band program:

    Liberty Band letter

    Click on the following presentation for more information about our band program:

    Band informational Power point



    Practicing  Note Reading. Click on the following link for an online funsheet on treble clef note reading:

    Story telling note reading

    Video game to practice bass clef note reading:

    Bass Clef Baseball Game

    ALL BAND MEMBERS can work on their rhythm reading with the following link:

    Rhythm Game

    Learn your rhythm values:

    Rhythm Value Game

    Click on the following link to see your Home Practice Guide:

    METRONOME ONLINE - free online metronome


    Trombone Instruction video-

    Trombone instruction


    Flute Instruction video-

    Flute instruction

    Clarinet Instruction videos-

    Clarinet Instruction

    Bass Clarinet

     Saxophone Instruction videos-

    Alto Saxophone Instruction

    Tenor Saxophone Instruction

    Baritone Saxophone Instruction

    Trumpet Instruction Video- 

    Trumpet video

    Percussion instruction video

    Percussion instruction