Monday May 16th- Minimum Day, no band

    Tuesday May 17th- ALL BAND MEET 11:45-12:20

    Thursday May 19th - BAND AND CHOIR PERFORM 3-3:40 , meet at 2:40 to set up/warm up. Following the performance, students who are using district instruments will turn them in to Mrs. Bell's music room. This is our last band day for the year.

    You've been an awesome group to work with here at Liberty.  Your musical growth has been amazing..Hot Cross Buns to now playing full ensemble pieces.  Enjoy your summer and I hope you continue to explore the music around you.  See you next year!   Sincerely Mrs. Bell


    Practicing  Note Reading. Click on the following link for an online funsheet on treble clef note reading:

    Story telling note reading

    Video game to practice bass clef note reading:

    Bass Clef Baseball Game

    ALL BAND MEMBERS can work on their rhythm reading with the following link:

    Rhythm Game

    Learn your rhythm values:

    Rhythm Value Game

    Click on the following link to see your Home Practice Guide:


    The following three songs are the songs you will be preparing for the CVUD District Band Showcase at Chino High on May 11th.


    METRONOME ONLINE - free online metronome


     Bb concert scale-Continue working on accuracy and speed(metronome

    (clarinets/trumpets/Tenor sax=C scale    Bells/flutes/trombones/baritones=Bb scale    Alto sax=G scale)

    FLUTES- The Medallion music:

    The Medallion calls

    Star Wars For Trumpets: 

    (Here is the link for the youtube tutorial.)

    Star Wars tutorial 

    Phrase 1 

    CCCG   high-C FED  high-C  G  FED high-C G FEFD

    Phrase 2

    Low GGG  C  G  FED   high-C G FED high-C G  FEFD

    Phrase 3(Optional)

    Low GG A   A   FEDC  CDED  A   B  G GGA  A FEDC   G  D

    Clarinets Despacito youtube link:

    Instructional video for Despacito

    For Tenor and alto saxes:

    Tenor Sax tutorial video for Havana

    Alto Sax tutorial for havana

    Havana accompaniment track





    Liberty Band Schedule for after Winter Break-click on the link below:

    Schedule January thru May


      ALL BAND-Practice for the week

    • 1.Read the note names out loud while fingering the note. 

      2.Play the lines.  Chunk it - one measure at a time then add them together example- measure one. measure two then measure one and two etc

    • Play the game on the following link for more note reading practice/fun (flutes, clarinets, saxes, bells use TREBLE CLEF, baritone/trombone use BASS CLEF)

      Name that Note Game




      Practice bells using good mallet technique. Songs to practice and memorize-Hot Cross Buns, Good King Wenceslas


    • WebRhythm page 2

    • Drum Pad- Practice rhythm lines on your handout,  and performance songs.  count outloud while you play.  Keep the sticks low and arms relaxed.

      Use a metronome or a recording of a song to practice your rhythm lines. Start slowly and aim for accuracy before speeding up the tempo


    Trombone Instruction video-

    Trombone instruction


    Flute Instruction video-

    Flute instruction

    Clarinet Instruction videos-

    Clarinet Instruction

    Bass Clarinet

     Saxophone Instruction videos-

    Alto Saxophone Instruction

    Tenor Saxophone Instruction

    Baritone Saxophone Instruction

    Trumpet Instruction Video-

    Trumpet video

    Click on the link to see handout:

    Liberty Band Information

    Band Schedule

    To contact me:

    email- pam-bell@chino.k12.ca.us

     District Instment Loan papers are available in the office.  Loan papers must be filled out and turned in by Thursday, 8/26. You must also have turn in a Band Registration to qualify for an instrument.  Instruments are limited so please turn in forms on time. 


    I will placing lessons and helpful info on this site.  Please check weekly for information

     REMIND and this web page is the easiest way to comunicate.  PLEASE JOIN REMIND

    The code for Liberty Band is:

    Liberty Band


    On your phone Message-


    Text @8733226



    If you need help I've included the following link-