• Logging into Class Link

    1. Go to https://launchpad.classlink.com/chino
    2. Enter username and password

    *These credentials are the same as the ones used to log onto the Chromebook at school (they know their logins)

    Joining Google Classroom

    1. Login to ClassLink 
    2. Click Google Classroom icon
    3. If prompted to log in, use student's district email address, password is the same as ClassLink login
    4. Click the plus sign on the top right corner to "Join Class"
    5. Enter the code given.
    6. If the code does not work, make sure all personal Google accounts are logged out of the computer. Then, try again. 


    1. Login to ClassLink
    2. Click AR (Accelerated Reader) icon
    3. Use login credentials if needed


    1. Login to ClassLink
    2. Click ConnectED icon 
    3. Student should automatically login
    4. Click “Launch” next to the picture of the book
    5. Assignments are listed under the first green button, “To-Do"

    How to log in to McGraw Hill ConnectED


    1. Login to ClassLink
    2. Click on SAVVAS icon
    3. If prompted to login, enter same username and password used to login to ClassLink

    How to Log in to Savvas