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    Recommended Supply List:

    Please make sure your child has these supplies on the first day of school.

    * Backpack (No rolling backpacks please)

    *Plastic Pencil box (approximately 5" X 8"X 2 1/2")

    * 2 pencil pouches with ring holes

    * Two folders with pockets 

    * Two boxes sharpened pencils (not mechanical) Ticonderoga recommended

    * One small handheld pencil sharpener with  a receptacle for shavings

    * Two large erasers (pink or white - not pencil top)

    * Two boxes of crayons -24 count only -  prefer Crayola 

    * One pair of children's scissors

    * One box of colored pencils - 12-16 count

    * One box of colored markers 12-18 count ( no sharpies)

    * Ten glue sticks - purple holds best 

    * One small whiteboard (approximately 9" X 12") with an eraser

    * Two colored Dry Erase markers. (prefer blue and black)

    * One set of earbuds or headphones in a plastic bag with your child's name

    Optional Class Donations:  (very much appreciated)

    One box of Kleenex and One package of Clorox Disinfecting wipes.

    Ziplock bags: sandwich, or gallon (your choice)