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    Distance Learning Expectations:

    l will provide curriculum through Google Classroom and Class Links ConnectED. Students are expected to log on daily and complete the assignments.

    Students are expected to attend virtual class meetings and follow the class meeting etiquette posted on Google Classroom.

    How students will submit work?

    Students will submit work through Google Classroom, Big Ideas Math, and ConnectED.

    When students will submit work:

    Due dates will be provided for each assignment on Google Classroom, Big Ideas Math, and ConnectED.

    When are assessments:

    Formative assessments will be given after each lesson through Google Forms and quizzes. These assessments give me valuable information about instructional steps that need to be taken.

    Summative assessments will be given after each unit/topic through Google Forms, Big Ideas Math, and ConnectedED. These tests report a students current level of mastery at the end of an instructional unit or segment.

    How feedback will be communicated:

    Feedback to students will be communicated through Google Classroom.

    How grades will be communicated:

    Current levels of mastery will be communicated by way of the Aeries Parent Portal.

    Physical Education is important:

    Your child, while at home, has a need to move and grow, personally and physically. To address these needs we will focus on the 4 domains of the California Physical Education Standards (Body Movement, Using Body to Perform and Improve Skills, Monitoring and improving Fitness through Goal Setting, Measurement, Interpretation, and Action Planning, as well as Improvement Personal and Physical Health through Collaboration and Team Building). P.E. will take into account the increased needs of the students by offering:

    Mondays: Epic! Dance 

    Tuesays:  Flexibility/Stability with Alexus Oladi  

    Wednesdays: Second Step

    Thursdays: Cardio Thursdays continues with HIIT Training with the Avengers 

    Fridays: Skills Training with Coach Meger 

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