Best time/way to contact Mr. Mann

  • Because I live on the other side of the Santa Ana Mountain Range I sometimes feel smoke signals would do the job...

    Please use this as your communication guide:

    Level 1 => Is it a school emergency or is the information time sensitive?

    "Yes" => Call 909-606-4871 (7:30 - 4:30) and ask a member of the office staff for direction.                                                              

    "No" =>  Go to the next level.


    Level 2 => Can you wait 24 hours for a response?

    "Yes" = (1) Draft a note in the comment section of your childs agenda or (2) send an email to or  (3) 909-606-4871 X6221 voicemail.

    "No" = Go back to Level One

    * I do my best to check email or listen to voicemail messages when I arrive early in the A.M. My commute home can be from 50 - 75 minutes depending traffic and please understand that family activities take center stage in the afternoon and evening.