To be successful in this class, please follow the class rules below:


    1.        Be on time.  If you are not in class when the bell rings, then you are tardy.  A negative will be

    issued on the second tardy.


    2.        Be prepared, have a pencil and your book (if you are on a packet assignment)


    3.        NO TALKING IN CLASS. If you have questions, raise your hand and wait until the teacher

              or an aide can help you.  Earn credits, stay focused on your work. Write in pencil,


    4.        NO PENS Or FOOD are allowed in class.


    5.       Please don’t write on the desks, computers, books (No tagging). I will hold you responsible for any writing or drawing on your folder, in your workbook, answer key, or on your desk. Do not write in the Booklet / Packet.


    6.       Tests and binders stay in the classroom. Worksheets and packets may be taken

    out of the classroom to work on homework with teachers’ permission. It is your responsibility to return them the next day.


    7.       When working on a packet, failing a test twice may require the student to redo the entire

    Lesson /chapter/packet again.


    8.       WORK ALL PERIOD. No sleeping, drawing, or working on outside material in class.



    At the end of the period, log off your computer program and log off the computer. If you a working in a packet, then put your work in the period folder and place it in the Folder rack for your period (on the front desk) or on your designated seat. Put trash in the wastebasket which is by the front door.


    10.      Restroom facilities and water are NOT available during the period; get that taken care of in your cottage or previous class. 


    11.      For Math, you should be completing one assignment / worksheet a day. That will earn you a

    good grade for the week- See the posted grading scale to see how you can earn a 4 for the week. Pre-Algebra, Algebra l, Geometry and Algebra 2 have different scales.


    12.      Earn a positive when you complete a unit and/or a test/quiz.


    13.      When grades of 4 & O is earned for all week a Certificate will be given during Town Hall.


    14.      Earn a positive for a grade of 70% or higher on tests / quizzes.


    15.      When working on the computer, if other sites are explored, an automatic OC will be given and a loss of computer usage will be enforced.




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