• Science review of an Article or a report

    Student's Name:_________________________________


    choice an article, show, or video that is related to science. Such as; COVID-19, cancer, water contamination, air quality, the flu, animal’s life, agriculture, Etc… watch or read the report and answer the following questions. You are going to review the reporters report.

    Review Guidelines

    • The review (you) should be relatively short with opinions delivered in a clear, concise manner.
    • The factual material must be correct. Check all facts pertaining to the writer, reporter, and the article.
    • The review should be firm and assertive, not wishy-washy. A reviewer(you) must have a strong opinion.
    • The reviewer(you) is entitled to whatever opinion he has of the work be it positive or negative, but the opinion must be substantiated with details and examples.


    Summarize the Article or Report:

    Subject reviewed: ___________________________________________

    Author’s/Reporter’s name______________________________________

    Date/time of show or article title ___________________________________________________


    What was your favorite part of the article/show? and Why? give examples?



    What’s the best line in the review (write it out)? and Why?



    What’s one thing you would like to do to improve the piece, if only you knew how to do it?




     In writing this review, what did you discover about your subject that you didn’t realize before?



    After reading or seeing your review, what question(s) might a reader still have?



    Do you believe this matter still needs attention? Why?