• Buena Vista provides individualized academic instruction in a safe, secure, supportive environment with the goal of graduating students who are informed, responsible, respectful citizens

  • Buena Vista Schoolwide Learner Outcomes


    1. Students will be able to think critically to enable them to:

      • Organize, analyze, interpret and evaluate information

      • Employ appropriate research techniques that utilize technology in written assignments

      • Utilize acquired skills in new settings

      • Have a foundation in integrated mathematics skills

    2. Students will be able to communicate effectively with:

      • Reading skills to build meaning and gather information from a variety of grade level materials

      • Writing with a clear purpose, supporting evidence, accurate spelling, punctuation and sentences structure

      • Speech with proper grammar in a clear, concise style.

    3. Students will be able to demonstrate responsibility as measured by

      • Attendance

      • Academic Progress

      • Appropriate and positive behavior

    4. Students will be able to apply the career readiness skills as measured by:

      • Development of skills leading towards careers or post-secondary placement

      • Participating in Work Experience, ROP, or internships with local businesses

      • Completing projects using a variety of multimedia tools

  • Buena Vista High School first became WASC accredited in 1997. Each time we have gone through the self-study process we have received a 6-year accreditation with a 3-year visit.

    Established in 1968 to meet the unique needs of students who were experiencing difficulties at the comprehensive high schools, Buena Vista has the same graduation requirements as the other high schools in the district and follows the same state and district standards for each course offered.  Many students and parents have chosen Buena Vista due to its small size and the opportunity to recover credits rapidly. We provide each student with a meaningful school experience, a rich core curriculum, and a smooth transition to post-secondary education and/or employment.