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    English 9CP



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    Welcome Letter- English 9CP

    Summer Session I (6/7 - 6/22)

    (This letter will go home with students, and will also be available for a digital signing in a google classroom)


    June 2021


    Dear Parent(s) and Student:


    Welcome to Session I of Summer School 2021!  This letter puts in print rules, expectations, and procedures that have been discussed in class.  Because I believe that every student has a right to learn and is capable of learning, the following classroom policies have been established in order to provide a positive and productive learning environment. Consequently, the following policies, in addition to all school rules, have been established for everyone. 


    The following classroom policies should help you to understand my expectations and the way in which I believe a student who is kind and hard-working should behave: 


    1. Socializing and napping will happen outside of the classroom. Our classroom is a work environment.
    2. Students will be seated and ready to work before the bell stops ringing.
    3. Students will treat everyone with respect by listening and being courteous.
    4. Students may write on or deface only materials that belong to them.
    5. Students will eat and drink outside of the classroom. Water is allowed.
    6. Students may leave their seats only during intermissions or with permission.
    7. Students will appreciate their given good looks and save the application of cosmetics for a more appropriate time.
    8. Students may use cell phones and electronic devices only when given permission to do so.  The rest of the time, electronics should remain silent and unseen.



    The class policies are in addition to the school and district rules.  All consequences for breaking these rules begin with a warning. Continued disruptions or defiance is dealt with by detentions, phone calls or emails home, and possible removal to an alternate learning center (ALC). Ongoing problems will be dealt with according to school and district policy.


    Expectations for this course are in keeping the Common Core State Standards, which can be found under the Curriculum and Instruction heading at www.chino.k12.ca.us.  The following information details some of the texts and assignments for 9CP students:


    Grammar lessons/Rules of Punctuation

    Style Lessons:  tone, diction, detail

    S.A.T. and content-specific vocabulary

    using Vocabulary cartoons and Mnemonic devices.


    Core Literary Text:  Prentice Hall Anthology

    From which we will read various short stories, poems, and informational texts.

    Figurative Language and Literary Devices

    Practice Jane Schaeffer Writing Style














    Ms. van Schaik’s GRADING POLICIES*

          I do not give grades; students earn them.  As a student in my class, you are the one in complete control of your grade.  Your grade will reflect what you have put into my class.  Although English is a subjective field, I try to balance this by using a weighted point system- essays and timed writes, tests and projects, and vocabulary work = 75%; Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) = 10%; small assignments, class participation, handouts = 15%.  Student’s grades are based on the following percentages:  100% = A+, 93-99% =A, 90-92%= A-; 88-89% =B+, 83-87% = B, 80-82% = B-, 78-79% = C+, 73-77% = C, 70-72% = C-, 68-69% = D+, 63-67% = D, 60-62% = D-, 0-59% = NG (no grade).  I am very sensitive to students with a positive learning attitude, and I want you to succeed.

         To avoid misunderstandings, students are required to keep all graded papers until the end of each grading period.  If mistakes are made in the grading or scoring of assignments or tests, it is the student’s responsibility to bring this to the attention of the teacher as soon as possible.  Any teacher error must be shown to the teacher.  No change will be made unless the student has the actual assignment or test.  I do not anticipate making errors, but teachers are humans, too.

         Assignments, tests, or quizzes missed due to legally excused absences may be made up without the loss of points; however, students will only have one day for each day missed in which to make up missed work.  Assignments, tests, or quizzes missed due to an unexcused absence and small quizzes missed because of tardiness may not be made up.  Please, bear in mind that the school requires students to clear absences within two days of the absence.  As is written in the English Department handbook, assignments will not be accepted late.  Plan ahead and be responsible.


    SUMMER SCHOOL ATTENDANCE POLICY:  Due to the limited number of school days during summer school, students who miss more than six hours of class will be dropped from the class.


         Although I try to teach so everyone understands the assignment and what’s going on, there may be times when you don’t understand.  Please ask questions.  You have a right to a quality education, and I am here to help you.  If your questions cannot be satisfactorily answered in class, please make an appointment to see me after school.


         If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email at Kathleen_vanSchaik@chino.k12.ca.us or find me through the CHHS web page.  I look forward to working with each of you.


    *A special thank you to Char Lindemulder for providing much of the content of this letter.














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