• PE is required 100 minutes a week. I am expecting 20 minutes a day Monday-Friday. You can also do 30 minutes one day and 35 minutes for 2 days. You can break it up other ways too, as long as it adds up to 100 minutes a week. Here are some suggestions:

    • Take a walk with your family or dog.
    • Use Go Noodle. If you haven't done so, add the Go Noodle app on to your Classlink.
    • Do exercises. Use the ones we have done at school or other ones you know.
    • Do chores, vacuum, sweep, or clean your room.
    • Plant and weed a garden.
    • Take a bike ride with your family.


    At Home P.E. Activities


     1. Right/Left arm stretch – count 10 seconds each side

    2. Right/Left arm paperclip stretch – count 10 seconds each side

    3. Lock arms over head – stretch 10 seconds to each side

    4. Bend at waist, let hands dangle to center. Hold 10 seconds. Stretch to the right/left and hold 10 seconds each side.

    5. Flamingo stretch right/left leg – hold 15 seconds each side

    6. Calf stretch – Lunge forward keeping back leg straight. Hold for 15 seconds each leg.


    1. 25 jumping jacks

    2. March in place 30 seconds (recovery)

    3. 10 jump squats

    4. March in place 30 seconds (recovery)

    5. 10 push ups

    6. 10 sit ups

    7. 20 second plank hold

    8. 10 froggers

    9. March in place 30 seconds (recovery)

    10. 10 mountain climbers

    11. 10 alternating opposite knee to elbow

    12. March in place 30 seconds (recovery)

    13. High knees jogging in place for 20 seconds

    14. 10 Full Burpees (with pushup)

    15. March in place 30 seconds (recovery)

    16. Jog around your house 5 minutes (up and downstairs too, if you have them)

    Cool-down: (hold each stretch for 15 seconds)

    1. Take a deep breath with arms overhead

    2. Lean to the left with right arm overhead

    3. Lean to the right with left arm overhead

    4. Sit on the floor – reach for right foot with both hands

    5. Reach for left foot with both hands

    6. Butterfly stretch

Last Modified on August 5, 2020