• Your Kindergarten child will be learning personal responsibiiity by bringing their "Nicky Folder" to and from school daily.  Please encourage this daily responsibility.  The blue folder has two pockets inside, and has a front and back cover. 

    The front cover will always contain a calendar showing current events at Levi Dickey.  The back cover is reserved for our Monthly Reading Log. 

    Inside the two pockets are labeled "Return to School" and "Leave at Home".   Papers in the "Return to School" pocket include daily homework and any papers which must be completed, filled out, or signed and returned to the teacher tomorrow or as indicated by a "Return By" date.  Any items in the "Leave at Home" pocket must be removed daily to create space for the next days' work. 

    If you feel your child needs to save any items you should consider getting a simple two pocket paper folder, which they can leave in their backpack.


    If you need assistance getting materials to complete your child's homework please send me a note telling me what items you need, and I will get the item, or respond to your request in writing.

    Items your child will need on a regular basis to complete their homework:

    • pencil
    • crayons
    • glue stick
    • blunt scissors
    • you may use markers, if they do not bleed through the paper and make the back side difficult to read.