• Hello Glenmeade Parent/Guardian, Teachers/Staff, or Student,

    If you would like for the counselor to contact you or your student, please click the link below to access our online form:

    Click Here for the Request for Support Services Form


    Please remember that if this is a medical/mental health emergency- call 911 immediately.

    I or someone from the school will be checking this form on a daily basis, but please give us 24-hours (based on school hours) to respond to your request.



    Please fill out this form for a student. You determine may need a Tier 2 intervention for support with one or more of the school-wide expectations of Be Respectful, Responsible, or Safe outside of the typical SAEBRS window timeline. Your responses to the questions on the form are based on your interactions/experience with the student in the last 30 days.

    A member of the Tier 2 team will provide you a paper screener within 3 days of receipt of the Request for Assistance Form.

    Note for Educators- All educators are mandated reporters and must immediately report any suspected child abuse or neglect to Child Protective Services.

  • Resources

    Below are resources available should you find yourself or someone else in a situation where immediate mental health services are needed:


    • National Suicide Prevention Hotline:

    • Central Crisis & Suicide Prevention Hotline:

    • Crisis Text Line:
      Text HOME to 741741


    Please understand that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in virtual meetings. CVUSD counselors will make every effort to ensure a confidential conversation. However, if there is a concern/report that your child may harm him/herself, your child may harm someone else, or someone is harming your child, outside support services will be contacted.