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    Welcome to Mr. Kalmar's Classroom


    Welcome to the 21st century and beyond

     I have been teaching at Canyon Hills for over 20 years.  This year i will be teaching both Gate/Honors and Regular Social Studies.  I primarily teach 7th grade

    My hobbies include travel, photography, anime and exploration of the world at large

    Please contact me with any and all questions about my class and what we are doing.


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  • Winnie the Pooh DayDon't be a follower - Make your own path        
    Welcome to the World of Knowledge -- 
       Do not be a follower -
    create your own path in life
    We all come to the end of the path,
    but how we travel,
    who we meet, how we spend our days
    and the stories we tell
    -- will be the measure of our value
    to the larger story
    This is My School Email
    if you have Questions or Issues
Love to Travel

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