The mission of the Renaissance Program at Canyon Hills Junior High School is to acknowledge the educational achievements and outstanding contributions of students and staff members through a process of reinforcement, recognition and reward. Renaissance also strives to promote and improve partnerships with parents and the community, involving everyone in the education of our youth.
    "Changing Lives & Impacting Futures"
    Academic Excellence
    We are very proud of our Coyotes' outstanding academic achievement. Students are recognized for their accomplishments based on their citizenship and letter grades. "Renaissance Cards" are one of our most anticipated rewards that carry special privileges. The reward car levels are listed below.
    Gold Card
    4.0 GPA with no "N"s or "U"s in citizenship
    Silver Card
    3.5-3.9 GPA with no "N"s or "U"s in citizenship
    Bronze Card
    3.0-3.49 GPA with no "N"s or "U"s in citizenship
    Maroon Card
    2.5-2.9 GPA with no "N"s or "U"s in citizenship
    Coyote Card
    2.0-2.49 GPA with no "N"s or "U"s in citizenship
    High Five
    GPA raised by 0.5 or higher
    Renaissance Rallies: These high-energy rallies are a celebration of Coyotes' excellence and achievement. These rallies, held at the end of each grading period, are a way to honor students' academic accomplishments with excitement and escapade.
    Students Recognition Breakfast: Once every six weeks, teachers invite a single student to our recognition breakfast. At these events, the student is introduced by their teacher and recognized for a variety of reasons such as "Most Improved", "Good Citizenship", "Good Attitude", "Academic Success", etc.
    Student of the Month: Each month, every teacher chooses a student to honor. These students receive tangible awards as we recognize their success.
    Postcards: Positive notes are sent home by staff to communicate noteworthy behaviors and accomplishments to parents.
    Positive Phone Calls Home: Teachers must submit names of students exhibiting positive Coyote attributes to administrators who then call home with good news.
    Adopt a Student: Teachers voluntarily adopt a student to mentor for an entire trimester to help them with their classes
    Silver Coyote: One 8th grade female and one 8th grade male student is selected each year based on character, integrity, respect for others, Grade Point Average and extracurricular involvement.
    Perfect Attendance: All 8th grade students that have not missed a full day of school during their two years at Canyon Hills will receive perfect attendance recognition.
    If you have any questions about Renaissance, please feel free to contact Valerie Vera-Mineer @ (909) 464-9938 or valerie_vera-mineer@chino.k12.ca.us