Ms. Vera-Mineer's World's Greatest Classroom 

    Canyon Hills Junior High 2021-2022



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    Welcome to the World's Greatest Junior High School where Every Story Matters!

    If you are looking for Ms. Vera-Mineer's Website, you are in the right place!  It's so great to see YOU!  I am looking forward to having you in the World Greatest Classroom with me-Your World's Greatest Teacher!  You know what that means? You are expected to be the World's Greatest Student! I expect you to give me your very best everyday!  That each day is the opportunity to be better today than we were yesterday.  You will be in an enviornment where you will be challenged, you may make mistakes, and sometimes you might even fail, BUT we learn from the mistakes.   Then when we know better, we will do better! I believe in you!

    I love Canyon Hills and so will you! I've taught here my entire career and will begin my 30th year of teaching!  Time flies when you love what you do!  I grew up in Pomona attending St. Madeleine's Catholic School from 1st-8th grade, and attended Pomona Catholic High School.  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science, a minor in Dance, and a Social Science Teaching Credential from Cal Poly Pomona.  Go Broncos!  I also have a Masters in Dance Education from Long Beach State. Go Beach!

    I'm a proud mom of twin sons who attend Long Beach State. They are seniors in the Music Department. Myles is a Vocal Major, where he sings in the Chamber Choir and Jazz & Tonic-a Jazz Accapella Group. Max is a Jazz Studies Major and he plays the trombone in the Studio Jazz Band. 

    In my spare time Vinnie (my honey), and I enjoy traveling especially being outdoors-kayaking and fishing. We love to listen to live music and go dancing.  I love to read and Jazzercise too. Spending time with family and friends makes me happy! Hope to learn what you like to do in your spare time!  That's it for now...we will learn more about each other's story throughout the year. Hope you are ready to be inspired, to have fun, and to learn! 


Kayak fishing