texas rangers image  Welcome to Mrs. Rickman's
    1st Grade Class!
    You can email me by clicking here.
  • AR image AR Reading:
    To see if your book is an AR book click here.
    1st trimester:
    We will do 2 readings and administer 2 tests together whole group in the computer lab.
    Continue to read for mastery the white phonics booklets, yellow word lines and
    in November the "Book in a Bag" program.
    2nd trimester:
    In January the students can come in and take their tests individually in the computer
    lab once they have completed reading an AR book.
    They can only take the test at school.
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  • Parent conferences will be October 13 - 17.  All week long we will have minimum days which means we will end each day at 11:45.
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  • Welcome To First Grade!!!
    Hi Parents,
    I am happy to be back and I thought of a few important tips. :)

    -they will usually have 2 pages of homework a night
    -on Monday or the first day of the week, each grade level wears a color to show school spirit and the first grade' color is PURPLE
    -bring a nutritional snack that will keep them going and focused
    -the children can pay for their lunch at lunch time or you can pay on line
    If you have any questions or concerns let me know!!
    Go Texas Rangers!!
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  •   Reading Log:
    If you ever lose your "Reading Log" just make a new one.
    On paper just list the days Monday thru Thursday along with
    the books read on that day. Have your child put their name
    on it and sign the bottom. No worries! It works for me. :)
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  • White Paper Booklets and Yellow Word Lines:
    These booklets and yellow word lines are to be read for mastery. That means
    they should be read multiple times for fluency. That means they can read them
    smoothly, with a flow. They contain the sounds and spellings that we are
    currently learning in class and are great for review of these sounds and spellings.

    Remember to have your student track the words with their finger as they read,
    as well as holding each of the sounds to blend the word together. This is how
    we do it in class.

    Please use a large gallon sized baggy to place each of the white booklets and
    yellow word line sheets in. Then, they can be brought out reread to siblings, family,
    and or friends. If you feel they need certain books read more
    often you can mark them with a + and when mastered put a :). If you are rereading
    these you can count this as your 10 minutes of reading time for your Apple
    Reading Log. Happy Reading!
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  • Homework Tickets:
    We all want to avoid these and here are some tips to do just that:

    -Find a study buddy. This is someone in our class that you may live
    close to and you should exchange phone numbers, so that you can
    call each other to get the missing assignment.

    -Keep any homework passes you may have stapled to the inside of
    their homework folder. That way if they are missing a paper or it
    somehow fell out in the car they are covered.

    -You can check their backpack when you pick them up to see if
    they have their homework. The school policy is that they can
    pick up their homework from the school up until 3:30 on Monday,
    Tuesday, and Thursday. On Wednesday they can pick up until
    12:15. That is as long as the teacher is on campus. I am
    usually here unless I have an appointment of some kind.
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  • Scholastic Book Orders:
    Once a month I try to do a book order. A flyer goes home with
    a book order form and the dates that you can order online.

    The web address is: scholastic.com/bookclubs
    Class Activation Code: H3BRQ

    The books are then sent to the classroom within about
    2 weeks. We also earn points for books ordered and I
    order books for our class with these points.

    Happy Reading!!!!
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  • Spelling:
    Every Monday and Tuesday we have spelling homework.
    If we have no school on Monday then we will have
    spelling homework on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    We will have the practice test on Wednesday and the
    test on Thursday. If we have no school on Monday then
    we will have our practice test on Thursday and the test
    on Friday. Either way if they pass the practice test on the
    first day they will not have to take it on the next day.

    A good way to practice is by giving your child a spelling
    test at home and then you can see which words the are
    having difficulty with. Then you can have them write these
    words multiple times and retest them to see if it helped.
    This allows you to focus on the words that they need help

    Rainbow Writing is when they write the word in pencil
    and then trace it with one color, then another and with a
    third color (this can be done in chalk on the driveway or
    on a white board with markers. This is one that I hear
    works the best. This is what I did with my own kids.
    I hope this helps!
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