• Dear Country Springs Family & Friends,

    Great News!

    At tomorrow's Monday Morning Assembly I will be announcing that both the Kindergarten play equipment and play equipment for Grades 1-6 are ready to have students play on it tomorrow.

    Mrs. Wilson and I will go to the Kindergarten Playground after the Monday Morning Assembly to ‘officially’ open it with the students.

    The playground for grades 1-6 will be opening at the 10 AM All-School Recess.
    Teachers, Mrs. Wilson, and I will help to ‘officially’ open it by ‘showing’ the proper way to use the playground.

    -H.I.T.S. begins on Friday!

    One other BIG announcement:
    Due to the root systems beginning to encroach the drainage system and sidewalks, 5-7 of the large trees in front of the school will be taken out in the next few weeks, as will the benches in front. The district will be planting trees in front that are placed so they won’t damage anything. The benches will be relocated to the Kinder grass area and to the large playground.

    Shakey’s Pizza has given us some “free individual, one topping pizza” coupons. These are for children 14 and under and are available in the office. Expires 10/23.


    Please do not park in the lot, even if you spot an open parking place, as we have several staff members (cafeteria manager & helper, noon aides, some classroom aides, and the night custodian who do not arrive before 8:05).

    Also, please drive carefully through the driveways when dropping off or picking up your children. I have seen too many drivers on their cell phones or speeding into the driveway.


    Here is what is going on at Country Springs during the next week:


    Monday, September 30

    …Wear your College attire

    …School-wide Morning Assembly @ 8:15 in Hall of Fame

    …Mr. Mackessy off-campus, 10:30-2:30

    …Debate Club after school, from 3:00-4:00 PM

    …Spirit Team try-outs, 3:00-400 PM in HoF


    Tuesday, October 1

    …Mr. Mackessy @ Principal’s Mtg, 8:00-12:00

    …Dr. Enfield, Superintendent, to visit Country Springs @ 1:00 PM

    …Spirit Team try-outs, 3:00-400 PM in HoF


    Wednesday, October 2

    …Wear your baseball attire

    … All Kinder attend from 8:15-11:35 AM; Grades 1-6 attend from 8:15-11:45 AM

    …Mr. Mackessy @ construction Mtg, 9:50-11:10 AM

    …Mrs. Gire’s Choir in HoF @ 11:45


    Thursday, October 3

    …ChessMasters in HoF- 3-4 PM

    …Staff Meeting @ 3:15 PM

    …CVUSD School Board Meeting @ 6:00 PM


    Friday, October 4

    …Mrs. Fellows, Assistant Superintendent-CIIS, to visit Country Springs @ 9:00 AM

    …H.I.T.S. begins (every Friday in October from 1:20-2:55 PM)





    …7—Mr. Mackessy @ Principal’s Mtg

    …7—Debate Club after school, from 3:00-4:00 PM

    …8—PFA Meeting @ 8:30 AM

    …8—ELAC Meeting @ 8:30 AM

    …9—Mr. Mackessy @ construction Mtg, 9:50-11:10 AM

    …9—4th grade Sacramento Trip parent info meeting @ 5:00 PM in HoF

    …10—Grade Level Chair Mtg @ 3:15 in Office Conference Room

    …11—H.I.T.S. from 1:20-2:55 PM

    …14—Mrs. Wilson @ Assistant Principal’s Mtg, 7:30-11:30 AM

    …16—Mr. Mackessy @ construction Mtg, 9:50-11:10 AM

    …17—MVP Awards, grades 1-3 @ 8:30 AM; grades 4-6 @ 9:15 AM

    …17—Great California Earthquake drill @ 10:17 AM

    …17—Family Restaurant Night—Spotlight on Kindergarten

    …17—CVUSD School Board Meeting @ 6:00 PM

    …18—H.I.T.S. from 1:20-2:55 PM



    Thank you for your continued support for Country Springs,

    Thomas S. Mackessy


    Country Springs Elementary School

    14145 Village Center Dr.

    Chino Hills, CA 91709

    (909) 590-8212



    Quote of the week:

    “You are perfectly cast in your life. I can’t imagine anyone but you in the role. Go play.”

    -Lin-Manuel Miranda