• Positive Behavior, Intervention, and Supports (PBIS)

    Country Springs is proud to be a PBIS school! The PBIS Team includes administration, staff, and parents and meets monthly to review data and refine practices in place at Country Springs.

    The school-wide expectations for students are to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. Students are recognized for upholding our school-wide expectations by earning a "Trading Card" from any staff member. Every month, Country Springs holds a "Trading Card Exchange" where students are able to exchange their cards for various rewards. All students receive social-emotional lessons from their teacher through the district adopted curriculum Second Step.

    The noon grounds at Country Springs reward students for upholding the target behavior that aligns with PBIS with a "Diamond Club Pass". Students that earn a diamond club pass are invited to a special reward. 

    Country Springs has a full-time counselor to support students needing tier 2 and 3 support in a small group. Lessons align with the school-wide expectations and utilize district-approved curriculum.

    1:1 counseling is offered through Chino Human Services and can be requested at our front office.